President's corner


The Braves do not recruit egos, superiority complexes, or baseball snobs.If you fall into any of these categories please move on, This program is not for you. 

If you love the game, have raw talent and a desire to play competitive baseball, you may have found a home. We do not work around a players social, employment, or vacation calendar. We expect 100 percent attendance to games and practices. No exceptions. Payment for season must be made in full at time of contract signing.

We are true to our word. In 2016 we cancelled the entire 18u season after only a few games due to players not meeting their commitment. 

High School players are now being recruited by colleges in their sophomore year. Don't be fooled by upscale organizations charging outrageous fees touting their background, connections and success rates.

Bottom line, if you do not possess raw innate talent, are not coachable, and have a poor pregame routine, you chance of being recruited is slim to none. What do I mean by innate talent ? There are things you cannot be taught.

Throwing speed is a God given talent you may pick up 5 - 10 mph with Improved mechanics and new concepts, but that's it. So if you are not throwing at least 75 mph at at highschool age level find another position or learn to throw junk.

Pure running speed is a God given talent.

Hand Eye coordination is a God given talent. The concept of hitting can be taught but seeing the ball cannot.

If you have been the victim of poor coaching double the effort will be required to succeed as you must rebuild from the ground up. Not many have the character to do that. When it comes to hitting what worked in 40/60 baseball will not in 60/90 baseball. 

Folks, those are the hard facts many of these money coaches and teams do not share with you or your player. As long as you willing to pay they will tell you what you want to here. 

A good baseball manwill not take your money and knows immediately if you have the raw talent to succeed at the college level.

The Braves do not attend showcases unless the team can play up to that level. There are plenty of individual showcases you could attend and we will support you. Same rules apply for certain tournaments. 

Tough love but true. The Braves organization will always give you honesty and the truth can be disappointing.

Best Regards,

Gordon A. Moccio, President 






In example and for illustrative purposes only. Subject to change each season on vote of Executive Board.