Q: Are the Putnam County Braves under the auspecies of the Town of Kent Recreation Department?

A: No, we are an independent organization who works in cooperation with Kent Recreation. 

Q: Are the Braves a County-Wide organization?

A: Yes, we recruit players from all of Putnam County & Beyond for Travel Baseball 

Q: Are Braves players mandated to play in reccreation baseball mixed league?

A: No, participation is optional

Q: Do High School players participate in Spring Baseball?

A:  No. High School age players practice and scrimmage during Spring.

Q: Are fees paid refundable?

A: No, they are not

Q: What leagues do you participate in?

A: Managers have complete autonomy with team matters and can play in as many leagues / tournaments as they deem appropriate. Leagues include NYEB, WPBA, WBA

 Q: What about Tournaments?

A: Yes, teams, at their discretion may participate in tournament ball or form a separate tournament team.Some Tournament Locations we frequent are Baseball Heaven, Sports at The Beach, and NYEB tournaments. 

Q: What are the costs involved?

A: Costs vary with teams but when you consider what other team charge the Braves are the best bang for your buck.

Q; Can I be a sponsor?

A: Sure! anyone and everyone can become a sponsor. Since we are Not for profit it may present certain tax advantages !

Q: Are uniforms included with league fees?

A: No. Uniforms are purchased by the team and are at additional cost. All players, managers, and coaches must wear uniforms. Uniform design is in the spirit of the Atlanta Braves. Only Team approved uniforms and colors are to be worn.

Q: I like to be part of the action-can I help out in the dugout and with instruction at practices?

A: No. Dugout is limited to roster staff and players. Insurance will not permit non-roster participation

Q: Does the team supply equipment?

A: No. At this level players must have their own equipment i.e. bat, glove, batting gloves, guards and cup. We also stongly advise players to purchase a gear bag.

Q: My player has a private instructor and is advised not to take advice from anyone else

A: This may not be the team for your player.

Q:What type of schedule does the team play?

A: Expected a rigorous schedule of both home and away games

Q: Does the team pay for and supply travel?

A: No. Travel is at additional expense and game rides are via car pool or personal vehicle. 

Q: My son/daughter never played baseball

A: Travel baseball is not for players new to the game. We recommend participating in recreation baseball to learn the basics of the game. Travel teams polish and build upon existing baseball skills and "teach the game within the game" That said, we never turn down anyone who wishes to try out. Winter clinics are a great way to try and make the team. Clinics begin mid January/February and last up to 12 weeks.

Q: Where are Winter Clinics Held?

A: Bases Loaded training complex Patirck Lane, Poughkeepsie, NY 

Q: My player participates in several other Spring, Summer, and Fall Sports so he may not be able to make some practices and games ok?

A: We have a baseball first philosophy. Players who participate in other sports may not make the first round selection.

Q: How can parents get involved? 

A: Team fundraising, recruiting sponsors, operation team concession stand, selling team merchandise, assisting with administrative, planning and supplies. 

Lastly, the Manager (skipper) is the ultimate team authority on the field and in game situations. Parents who choose to direct their players field activities will be asked to leave the area and may cause removal of that player from the game.