About Us

Our mission

To prepare players for high school and collegiate level baseball and softball. Youths 12 - 18 are exposed to a multi-faceted, age appropriate instructional process with emphasis placed on skills development, baseball IQ, and playing positions out of their comfort zone. Players who learn several positions gain a huge advantage. 

Players 12-18 experience baseball at a more competitive level. Our goal is to provide them with all the tools needed to obtain a college scholarship. Players learn the "game within the game"  thus increasing their "Baseball IQ"emphasis is placed on proper play execution, defensive strategies, offense, communication on the field and many other blocks of instruction. Players are expected to be proficient at their position and are held accountable for their actions on and off the field. Morally, we teach the value of good sportsmanship, teamwork, and a respect for the rich heritage of the game of baseball. We believe teaching such values will produce resilient young men and women of outstanding moral character with a solid foundation of life skills with which to grow into quality role models.



The Putnam Braves have a zero tolerance policy on bullying or harassing of Braves players by team mates or parents. Any disruption of practices or games can result in play being stopped, and will only be resumed after the offending party has left the area. The incident will the be referred to the president, who will consult the advisory board for recommendations on further action.


Unique Experience

The Braves foster a sense of community among players and families. We all have a mutual respect for each others talents & abilities.