12 YEars old


As this age players decide if they prefer a more competitive baseball experience. 

Travel baseball is not for everyone. Players selected have the ability to perform at a more competitive level.

Baseball I.Q. Fundamentals of the game preparation and the ability to own their position and show versatility on the field as well as a positive attitude and team spirit. familiarization with basic stretching and conditioning, proper mechanics, hitting to the opposite field, working the count, protecting the plate, and situational hitting are all part of the experience. Players learn to take and give signs and other non-verbal communication


All players are taught proper pitching mechanics, strategy, command and control, pick off moves, and common balks, and how to decide what pitch to throw in a given situation.  Catchers learn proper set up, fundamentals of framing pitches, effective throwing position, blocking pitches, giving signs, fielding the position, and positioning players. Players learn how to field their position, proper base running techniques, different sliding techniques, and, if appropriate, base stealing fundamentals. Players will learn bunting techniques, basic bunt defense, situational plays, and strategy.


In addition to the above 12 year old players will begin to learn the game within the game. This is where it all starts to come together. Players are introduced to a more structured and disciplined team environment, moving from instructional based practices to more competitive based practices. They are taught how to lead, how to take advantage of mistakes, how to read batters and pitchers more effectively; the advantages of “small ball” and how to effectively advance runners and work pitch counts. Some practices on the 60/90 field. Players learn the five bunt defenses, delayed steals, timing plays, signs, complex defenses, and other non-verbal communication.  




13-18 YEars old


By thirteen years old players must have a solid foundation and be proficient in the skills required to be successful in baseball, their sport of choice.

Players will be required to work hard and maintain their position. Line ups are made based upon OBS (on base percentage), Slug Pct. (Slugging Percentage) in other words, based sole on performance. We work hard to help your player gain a college scholarship. If your player participates in more than one sport,  is advisable to decide what sport your player is best suited for as we expect a Baseball First mindset.

girls softball

The Braves are building this program and are currently   


Softball Coaches needed for all ages 13 thru 18 ! Contact Gordon Moccio 845-667-4289 or email gordonmoccio@putnambraves.com